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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s national holiday where we celebrate our patron saint. Famously credited for driving the snakes out of Ireland, March 17th is the day we celebrate our humble little Island as a whole.

St Patricks 2018.PNG

My favorite thing about this holiday is that for a country that fits into Texas 8.5 times over, we are proudly punching above our weight being celebrated the world over on the 17th of March. For me, St. Patrick’s Day reminds me about getting together with family and trying to get the best view of the parade in my hometown of Limerick. Or meeting up with friends, throwing on some green face paint and catching up over a drink in a bar.

And this really is what this time of year is all about. Christmas and Valentine’s day have passed, the times of the year you spend with your family and loved ones. St. Patrick’s Day is all about getting together with friends and having a great time. For Jameson, celebrating Irishness is about so much more than the superficial or plastic ‘Paddywhackery’ of green hats and beards. It is about so much more than a place on a map. The Irish as a nation are celebrated around the world because of our friendliness, wit, not taking ourselves too seriously. It is these characteristics that are in every bottle of Jameson. And that’s what we want to celebrate in March.

You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate the day, it’s all in the approach. Celebrating the spirit of the day. St. Patrick wasn’t even an Irishman, originally hailing from Wales! Which proves even more that this holiday is for everyone. Christmas can keep the 'most wonderful time of the year' tag but March is the most memorable. There's no strict set of rules, quite the opposite in fact. Gathering a gang of friends is the only real requirement. Celebrate as you see fit. If in doubt, our motto, Sine Metu, should point you in the right direction by fearing a bit less and living a bit more. March is 11 months in the making. The wait is almost over.

Hilary Lenahan
Jameson Brand Ambassador, Sweden