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The Glenlivet Whisky

Glenlivet is a tale of single-minded determination and irrepressible spirit.

The Glenlivet - Whisky from Speyside

The Glenlivet Distillery is located in the Speyside region, on the River Livet, just before it joins the Avon. The distillery’s founder, George Smith, was the first to apply for a distilling licence in 1824 when new rules demanded a licence for production. At the time, he had long since secretly distilled his whisky at home on the farm, just like his father, grandfather and most of his neighbours.

The Glenlivet - First legal whisky

Anyone who made the transition from illegal to legal distilling took a considerable risk and was often considered a deserter by his former illicit distilling colleagues. So George armed himself with two heavy pistols, which he had with him for many years, to prevent any acts of vengeance. When the whisky Glenlivet became known outside the region, other producers also began to write Glenlivet on their labels because the name was synonymous with a guarantee of quality. It went so far that the distillery’s owner at the time James Smith (son of the founder George) applied for trade name protection for his whisky brand. His application was granted and beginning in 1880 only his whisky could be called The Glenlivet.

The Glenlivet Guardians

The legacy of the single malt that started it all is upheld by the Glenlivet Guardians. An exclusive club of fans, created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.