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Jameson is Ireland’s quintessential Irish blend, a classic.

Jameson - Whiskey with a Character

Jameson is a triple-distilled Irish whiskey with the characteristic pot-still style with tones of malt, spices and sherry. Moderately full-bodied, soft, flavourful and fruity whiskey with some sweetness. A long, complex after taste with a delicate mature aroma from ageing in bourbon and sherry barrels.


Jameson - The pride of Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey has a long tradition. The Irish probably began distilling as early as the 6th century. While the Scots as a rule distil their whisky twice, the Irish usually distil their whiskey three times (triple distillation). The raw materials are also dried in sealed kilns where the smoke is led away so the taste is not smoky and mildly pleasant.