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Chivas is a blend of malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. It’s a rich, smooth blend balancing style with substance, and tradition with a modern twist.

The History of Chivas

Chivas dates back to 1801, when William Edward opened a small shop for whisky in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1837, he started blending his own whisky and in the 1840s, when brothers James and John took over, the business was named a purveyor to Queen Victoria of Great Britain. In 1858, the company changed names to Chivas Brothers. At the turn of the century, Chivas was a well-known brand with a very good reputation. World renowned for its quality whiskies


The Iconic Chivas Blend

A large part of the malt whisky in Chivas comes from Benriach and Longmorn, but Straithisla, Glenlivet and Glen Grant also provides the whisky its unique character.