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Ballantine’s has always been committed to making the finest Scotch whisky, using the same methods pioneered by founder George Ballantine in 1827.

The History of Ballantine's

George Ballantine was the son of a farmer with an interest in tea, which is why he started a small country shop in Edinburgh. He also began to sell whisky. The business was handed down from father to son and over the generations, it grew into today’s famous Ballentine’s.

The Art of Ballantine's Production

Outside Glasgow, 52 different malt whiskies are blended by Master Blender Sandy Hislop. The malt whisky in Ballantine’s comes from throughout Scotland. The goal for Master Blender Sandy Hislop is to blend a whisky that continuously maintains high, even quality regardless of where and when the whisky is enjoyed. This is why every whisky barrel is selected with the utmost care and precision.

The Ballantine's Brand Belief

The brand’s belief in “Staying True” has ensured that the whisky’s quality has never wavered and that more people across the world enjoy it today than ever before.