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Martell is the oldest of the great Cognac Houses.

Martell - Cognac with Legacy

Founded in 1715 Martell is now over 300 years old! The Martell House was founded at the very height of French Art de Vivre. A French « art of living » that infuses every detail of life with know-how, creativity and substance. Ever since 1715, the Martell House has instilled this philosophy of life into its craftsmanship turning every moment into extraordinary pleasure.

Martell - Cognac of Passion

Jean Martell began his career as a general dealer in 1715 and cognac was a part of his assortment. He was married twice, both times with members of cognac families, thereby delving deeper into the cognac trade. After five years, Jean Martell had done so well that he exported 40,000 barrels a year. In 1815, his descendants decided to concentrate solely on the successful cognac trade. Today, the business is lead by the eighth Martell generation.